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BT broadband – always on

BT has been operating in Ireland as the best provider of broadband facilities for home and business needs. The main attractions of the broadband facility provided by BT are the maximum limit of around 24MB and the availability in many areas around Ireland.

BT in Ireland market provides a full suite of various innovative ideas and services to customers, including high-speed broadband. The broadband facility available for just $7.50 per month is a blessing for Irish customers, when other broadband providers charge much for this.

The broadband provided by BT Ireland helps Irish customers to keep their family happy and entertained throughout. The always on broadband facility has a very minimum downtime as compared with other Irish broadband providers. This broadband service from BT Ireland is unlimited including email, photos, blogs, movies, music etc.

Though the download speed varies depending on area specifications, BT ensures a minimum of 3MB speed in all areas. Installation charges are never demanded from customers and this is same with all broadband options provided by BT.

The calling services offered include a call international offer for just $5 per month. The charges leased for international calls as per this service are same as that of the local call. For 1.95 per month rate, it is possible to make calls to Irish mobiles through the BT call mobile service.

There are various reasons that make broadband provider BT, the leading in the Irish market. One prominent reason is the low downtime. You will be able to get connected through unlimited email addresses and you will be staying in touch with your family through sharing photos, videos and emails with your family and friends. You will be turning your PC into a digital music library with the reliable and always on broadband from BT.

Customers from other broadband providers are largely attracted to BT because there are no connection fees charged for such switching or transfer of providers. BT never demands the need for a modem with their company for provider switching.

BT ensures that customers will be able to get maximum broadband speed according to the supporting feature of their phone line. Actual distance will always be subjected to the distance and the quality of the line.

An exclusive broadband option 3 offers a free wireless modem for all new registered customers. Other offers includes 50% off for the new customers going for option 2 and free connection for all broadband options ordered through their online website. Though these offers from BT are available only for limited period of time, BT reviews and updates their promotional packages and offers frequently for attracting more and more customers.

The main factor, which makes BT an unavoidable part of Irish broadband market, is the reliability of the call and broadband services. Customers hardly report any downtime or failures when they are with BT. the full availability of customer support team helps customers to be happy and satisfied under BT. The broadband facility from BT doesn’t require a dial up setting and will be always on. Hence there is no need of any dial up services when customers use their broadband service.