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Clearwire – unquestionably the best

The wireless broadband services delivered by Clearwire are superior to other internet service providers of Ireland due to various reasons. The easy and high-speed internet as well as phone facilities offered by Clearwire helps them to surpass other providers in Irish market.

Clearwire is well praised in Ireland for the fast and easy broadband access provided by their services for Irish customers. The simple and affordable internet services from Clearwire have the highest speed in the market as well.

The main attraction of Clearwire broadband that makes them outstanding in the Irish market is the portable internet alternative as compared to the cable and DSL facilities used by other providers. This can be used for internet connectivity in home, office and even when you are on the move.

The life plan for the high speed internet with Clearwire is the minimum of all other service providers and has a free activation and shipping offered along with it. 1.5 MB download speed is a word followed by the company without any failures. No installation charges are required for getting registered to this broadband facility with Clearwire.

Another widely used service offered by Clearwire is the home internet and PC card offer. You will not have to wander for WiFi hotspots when you want to get online with this facility. 2.0 MB modem speed and 1.5 MB card speed are the main attractions of this special service initiated by Clearwire.

Since there is no need of an extra cable or phone line, Clearwire was able to get a large number of Irish customers subscribed to their service. Depending upon whether you are an individual or a businessperson or a family, your needs will vary greatly. Clearwire has a clear strategy that takes into consideration all such varied interests and tries to satisfy the needs and demands of all of them without any partiality.

Along with such an advanced broadband facility, Clearwire offers unlimited local and long-distance calling in various countries including US, Canada and Puerto Rico. This comes along with advanced features including call waiting, voice mail, caller ID etc.

Clearwire has replaced the traditional and conventional Internet access facility with an advanced and useful service. They use the pre-existing cell phone towers in an area to deliver this broadband service. This makes Internet access a possibility, even for those Irish customers who don’t have a facility to get connected to the Internet line.

Clearwire broadband services are the dream of almost all Irish customers. The consistent and top-notch connectivity is the main reason for this dream. The speed of the Internet connectivity for most of the time is above expectations. No marked downtime makes them highly reliable as well. 800 Kps and always up internet connection makes Irish customers go for Clearwire despite the presence of other broadband providers in the market.

The convenience in using the portable internet has helped Clearwire to the top of Irish broadband market in terms of revenue and number of customers. Excellent customer support coupled with this high quality service is the main reason for this continued success.