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Eircom – the best in Ireland

Eircom is well known as a leading broadband provider in Ireland. The home and business needs of Irish customers for phone and broadband services are met by the company in a very decent manner due to which Eircom gets the leading name in the Irish market.

One of the greatest advantages of Eircom that attracts large number of customers regularly to their service is the comfortable customer service available with the company. For both online and self-requirements, they ensure that they stand along with their valuable customers. This trust and reliability makes Eircom a must in Ireland.

The wide range of innovative products supplied by Ireland Eircom makes it convenient for the customers to select the kind of service they are looking for. All small scale, medium and large-scale business needs are served by Eircom at attractive and competitive prices. Corporate, government and wholesale customer requirements are equally given importance in the service packages provided with the company.

As a company working in the broadband and phone service sector, Eircom occupies 68% revenue of the Irish fixed line market. When it is about capacity and geographic reach, this is the leading fixed line telecommunications company in Ireland. The wide spectrum of customers stands as the support behind the success of Eircom. The advanced voice, data and Internet services from Eircom are used in residential, business and enterprise markets. The number of customers for the broadband services of Eircom crosses 570000 and they have a 41% retail share in this market of Ireland.

The fixed line voice services, data services are some of the exclusive facilities provided by Eircom in Ireland market. The mobile services are equally famous among Irish customers. Eircom always occupies prominent places in the press releases and media publications for the excellent services delivered. They have bagged various awards and appreciations for their reliable and quality services spread across voice based, broadband and mobile services.

The cheap services, without quality being affected make Eircom, a company with no competitors in this market of Ireland. The company dominates the market without any opponents because when they become a private firm, they ensured to provide the best telecommunications service available in the world, for Irish customers. Eircom completely complies with the demands of the customers, without increasing their price margin. This is in fact the main reason why they were raised to the top by their customers.

Eircom has become an operator with a significant market power. Eircom provides various wholesale products to other operators and for switching calls to various other phone networks. As a result, the broadband services provided by various other companies are resale from Eircom. All these have greatly contributed in making the company to have an unquestionable position in the Ireland market.

Their customers have never questioned Eircom, because they have always ensured to come up with the best quality and most reliable services. Without any major competitors, they have hardly received any criticisms working in Ireland market. In fact they are the principle provider for all fixed line telecommunications and broadband services in Ireland.