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Imagine: Irish Broadband

Imagine is one of the most well known broadband companies of Ireland and is spearheaded by the well known entrepreneur Mr. Sean Bolger. The imagine Communications Group of Irelands is the only purely Irish owned 32 county Telco. The company has taken a completely significant position on the Irish market in the matter of just a couple of years. imagine has achieved a lot in just a couple of years and this has been possible simply through the brilliant innovation that the workers here have displayed and also the stiff driving competition has also been reason for the company's quick rise. The telecom business division of Imagine is known as the Access Telecom. This branch was very recently altered and now has a new name of imagine Business Services. This is presently now the third largest provider of services to the entire Irish business. The company has had the distinction of becoming the fastest growing SME provider in the whole of Ireland.

The company has also bagged partnership deals with the likes of major well known companies like the ISME. The achievements of imagine don't cease here, it is the only company to have also acquired the Numero Uno position in the entire business market. This company has acquired such an envious position through a perfect combination of both price and service. Presently imagine will be offering broadband only to Irish business users at a more competitive price than ever before. This is indeed a major announcement from the imagine camp on May 26th and is in conjunction with InvestNI of the creation of a total of 300 jobs at the spanking new imagine Armagh contact centre.

Imagine has come up with a brilliant campaign idea and its campaign commences simply on bringing its core message to all its consumers. This is done through the help of some really expensive media sources. The company has spent about a €1 million on several radios, TV, outdoor and also on other additional press campaign. The company that goes by the brilliant moniker of imagine also successfully runs several localized promotional campaigns. This is done by the company in order to get its message duly spread onto every street and every corner of every city and town of Ireland. Gaelic Telecom happens to be Imagine's subsidiary. The company sends the message through thousands of existing GAA clubs as well as many primary schools spread all over the all the 32 counties.

The company sends out the message that Broadband is absolutely free in Ireland. The Free Broadband scheme presents the consumer with 20 hours FREE broadband a month, charges only 4c for every minute after the guaranteed 20 hours of freebies or you can also opt for an upgrade absolutely free of cost. The scheme also lets you enjoy a broadband speed that is about 20 times faster than a usual dialup connection. You are free to both use the phone as well as the Internet both simultaneously and you would also enjoy an Internet. The free Internet scheme also presents you with many other facilities as well.