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NTL Broadband: Quick Access to Internet

In olden days, telephone lines were, used for accessing internet. Those telephone lines were fast but less secure. Today people mostly prefer broadband connections when compared to telephone lines. These broadband connections are more secure as well as fast. NTL broadband is more secure and fast when compared to any other internet connection. Here they use optical fibers for passing the information. The information passed using optical fiber is more fast and secure. There are other advantages; by using this broadband users can directly connect to the heart of the internet. They can get access to anything without much disturbance. Users can also download the data within less time. Users can use the phone line as well as use the internet, there won’t be any clash of frequencies and there won’t be any disturbance.

NTL and Chorus are two different forces which combined into one for becoming a company. These two companies have become a common force which offers new digital world to the customers. Together, they are called as UPC. These two companies are of Irish origin, today, they both combine the visual effects and provide high end digital services to the customers. UPC was awarded as the best Internet Service Provider 2008 award by Digital Media Awards. They were also nominated for ITC awards for providing best corporate and domestic services. UPC is a company which gives best service to the society. Not only they take the responsibility of providing information to the customers, they also take the responsibility of maintaining their word of providing best services than any other company. They are called as the Best Sales Team. UPC is providing digital television, broadband and phone services at fewer prices. They maintain these three things without any clash. NTL is a member of ISPAI organization. According to a recent survey it was known that around 592,000 customers are using this internet connection in Ireland.

UPC is able to provide fast access to the internet without any disturbance in the phone line. It is also offering digital TV on the computer screen with high quality. All three things in one single line is great feature of NTL. There are mainly three types of broadband services like broadband value, broadband ultra and broadband express. Each service offers different upload speeds and downloads speeds. Broadband value package included download speed of 3Mb and upload speed of 256kb. Broadband express offers a download speed of 10Mb and an upload speed of 1Mb. Broadband ultra offer a download speed of 20Mb and an upload speed of 1.5Mb. There is no huge variation in these things; all these are just 10 Euros extra. Recently NTL broadband has introduced a DVR called digital video recorder. This recorder allows users to put stop to the live television and get back to it whenever necessary. All these things can be recorded for 80 hours and there is no need of any tape or timer, all this thing will be with a click of one button.