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Perlico – for excellent services

Perlico is branded as the leading broadband provider of Ireland. The broadband company is highly popular among the Irish customers for the various ways in which they serve them. The main aspect of Perlico which attracts the users to their services is the large savings which is provided on the broadband facility. Perlico comes up with various ways in which Irish customers can save a lot on broadband. The high-speed broadband facility is provided at as low as $6.99 per month. Perlico offers customers with free connection or free modem.

The connection is easy and simple to set up and is always on. The expert customer support service functioning with Perlico has received various awards and is easily accessible by the Irish customers. Perlico always make it a point to provide various offers and promotions on their packages. They offer a laptop at a cheaper rate to the customers who sign up for a broadband package before a specified date. Through their advanced marketing strategies, Perlico provides increased savings along with increased Internet connectivity to their customers.

Perlico is well known among the Irish customers as a broadband facility which offers the best value and most accessible broadband connectivity as compared to other broad band providers in the Irish market.

The offerings and promotions provided by Perlico are considered as their commitment in offering innovative savings for their valued customers. This has increased the competition in the Irish market, where Perlico proves that they are the leading in the broadband and phone market. This provides a chance to the Irish customers to compare the strength of Perlico and their products and services with other similar operators in the market.

The customers are highly satisfied with the service offered, since there are no reportable problems coming up in their broadband connectivity. The excellent service has no compromise even when Perlico tries to bring down the rates as low as possible to encourage and attract customers.

Perlico has come up with an attractive deal of free calls to any Irish mobile until 2010. The free connection could be availed through the sign up process through the online link in their website. The free connection offers both national as well as international calling facilities for Irish customers.

Switching from any other broadband provider to Perlico is very simple and easy. The sign up online process takes less than 5 minutes. Once this is done, Perlico will take care of the rest. Customers will not be troubled, since there is no change in the phone number and the service will not be disrupted. Customers could continue using their phone as before without any connectivity problems. For those customers who don’t have a home phone number, Perlico offers the mobile broadband facility.

Perlico has a great deal of various broadband services for customers. Users can choose from the different options available from Perlico through the online services available in their website. Details of various options are available online or Perlico customers could contact the customer support team for any clarifications required.

In short Perlico has no opponents in the Irish broadband market.