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Top Irish Mobile Broadband Deals
Providers Speed Download Limit Contract
Monthly Cost Annual Cost
(1st Year)
More Info
Tesco Mobile 40Mb/s 10GB 12 months €15 €180 More Info

Tesco Mobile Broadband

Low price mobile broadband and only a 12 month contract.

Vodafone Broadband 65Mb/s 15GB 18 months €21.99 €263.88 More Info

Vodafone Mobile WiFi 15GB

Great price for a package with 65mb download speed.

EIR Broadband 65Mb/s 20GB 12 months €26.99 €323.88 More Info

Three Mobile Broadband

Also another very good starter package but for a little higher price.

Meteor Mobile Broadband 42Mb/s 55GB 6 months €29.99 €359.88 More Info

Meteor Mobile Broadband 55GB

A high download limit, short contract at a relatively low price.

Virgin Media Broadband 65Mb/s 30GB 18 months €39.99 €479.88 More Info

Vodafone Mobile WiFi 30GB


Virgin Media Broadband 150Mb/s 50GB 18 months €49.99 €599.88 More Info

Vodafone Mobile WiFi 50GB

Top of the range high speed mobile WiFi with a high download limit.

♦ Mobile Broadband

In simple terms mobile broadband is a type of wireless internet that allows you to move around. The device is wireless. It provides a high speed internet access. This access can be through a modem, phone, or other device. The newest technology is the dongle. The dongle is a small portable device that uses the USB port on a computer to import a wireless broadband connection.

There are several different companies creating the mobile broadband devices. On the market right now are the GPRS, 3G, WiMAX, LTE UMTS/HSPA, EV-DO, and even some satellite systems. These are just a few of the names for what exists in the mobile broadband world. 3G is the latest technology and most popular in several countries around the world, including your location in Ireland.

All of the phone companies are implementing wireless programmes for their mobile network. The dongles mentioned above are typically for laptops, which is the newest way to market the products and their uses. The problem for many mobile phone companies has been making the dongles and broadband available at a reasonable price for consumers. There have also been some issues with speeds and coverage limits. As the mobile market continues to grow in technology the development of the devices will become better equipped to handle certain downsides to the mobile broadband option.

There are a couple of ways you can purchase the broadband dongle. As we already mentioned, many mobile phone companies have their own style of device. You can purchase a dongle through the telephone company that provides your service. Sometimes this is the easiest way to get the best package, as mobile phone companies do appreciate loyalty in a customer. By purchasing the dongles from a mobile phone company you are able to receive the wireless broadband signal sent out by the satellites and cable networks. The dongle will select the closest tower to the dongle for the strongest signal. As long as there is a tower in range, you are able to go on the internet.

When it comes to purchasing the broadband dongles and internet service to obtain an online signal you have many choices. Virgin, Orange, and Vodafone are just some of the companies that supply the device as well as packages for obtaining internet services. There are a couple of types of packages that you can purchase. There is a pay as you go option, which means the company will have you pay only for the minutes you will use that month. This is a lot like the prepaid phones. You will only be able to use the dongle up to the amount of data you purchased. The other option is a monthly instalment in which you pay on a contract like your phone.

By comparing to two types of packages you will be able to ascertain which one will suit your needs most. Some of the packages will allow you to travel out of the country and still retain your mobile broadband service.