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Broadband internet is getting faster and faster and with the introduction of fibre broadband and moves to roll this out to more and more houses and businesses throughout Ireland, hopefully we can wave good bye to sluggish broadband forever.

Now you can watch live broadcasts, see all the latest movies directly over the internet, download music and films much more.

Internet Connection

Time Lapse to load webpage

Average Time to download one song (mins/seconds)

Video Quality

56k dial up modem



Very Poor

256k broadband




512k broadband




1Mb broadband




2Mb broadband




4Mb broadband




6Mb broadband




20Mb broadband



As good as your TV

key: k - kilobits per second, Mb – megabits per second

The speed available with broadband now means that you can view web pages with very little delay. It is also possible to download a song or video whilst watching/listening to it (this is called Streaming and is possible with a fast broadband connection as it takes less time to download the song/video than it’s actual play time).

The speed of internet connection you need obviously depends on what you intend to use the internet for, the above table gives you a clear guide to what kinds of speed you can expect from your internet connection.

Broadband Speed Test

Broadband providers all boast that their speeds are up to a certain level. But, this does not give you a clear indication of how fast your actual connection is. Our broadband speed tester tool is designed to give you an accurate reading of your individual connection. In order to get an accurate reading you should refrain from using your internet connection for anything else until the test is completed. Simply click the sped tester tool above and watch and wait as your upload and download speed is measured in real time.

The test will show you the actual speed of your connection as well as the speed quoted by your provider so you can see if you are getting what you pay for.

Our test will also show both download and upload speeds. Again, it is important for you to identify which is most important to you and what you use the internet for the most. The download speed refers to the speed at which you download from the internet, for example, downloading music, watching videos, viewing web pages. The upload speed relates to the speed at which information is sent back from computer to internet, for example, when making a Skype call or for online gaming.

It is important to note that the more computers that share the broadband connection the slower the individual connection speeds will be. If you are looking to download large music or video files it is advisable to do this at a time when other people that share your connection are not themselves online.