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Wireless Broadband Deals
Providers Speed Download Limit Contract
Monthly Cost Annual Cost
(1st Year)
More Info
Vodafone Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €40 €480 More Info

Simply Broadband

This is fibre broadband with the benefit of unlimited download allowance.

Pure Telecom Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €44 €528 More Info

Purely Broadband

No frills, just super fast broadband.

EIR Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €45 €540 More Info

Broadband Only

Unlimited, rediculously fast broadband with free sports TV bundled in.

Virgin Media Broadband 360Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €40 €640 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 360

Fibre broadband with a super fast connection and limiless downloads.

Virgin Media Broadband 240Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €30 €520 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 240

Top of the line super fast braodband and unlimited downloads.

♦ Wireless Broadband

Examining Mobile Broadband Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile broadband is certainly the hottest new technology on the market for companies. The idea of mobile internet is not exactly new. Ten years ago a modem card was created in order to attach laptops to the internet view Ethernet. Then a few years later wireless technology was introduced with the use of a router. The router would be attached to the cable modem or other internet modem and send a signal to the wireless card in the computer. Many consumers are still using these. The wireless broadband is a little different. The dongle does not need a router, only a signal to read. With new technology there come some advantages and disadvantages. We will look at a list of both criteria to show you how the mobile broadband might improve your life’s needs.


  • The technology does not use a landline, which means your landline will no longer be tied up with internet.
  • Currently there are not excessive connection fees with a contract.
  • Broadband can be reached just about anywhere in the world, even places where there is not a standard connection.
  • Packages also include pay as you go options.
  • Software options needed for the dongle and wireless technology are automatically installed on computers.
  • The largest advantage of the mobile broadband option is being able to use it on the move. You can drive and still have internet, go to a cafe, travel to another country, etc. and still have internet service.


  • At the moment standard broadband options are less expensive because the wireless technology is still new and expensive to manufacture.
  • The technology is still new, which means it can seem unreliable, until one learns a little more about it.
  • The speeds offered through the technology are not always as fast as your standard broadband.
  • The download and usage limits can be aggravating, as they are somewhat restrictive.
  • There is a cost for additional usage if you go over the amount you purchased. This can be quite high through some providers.
  • Short term contracts will still have a set up fee.
  • With wireless broadband the connection is only as good as your signal.

This last disadvantage can be huge for some individuals. When travelling Ireland you may find there are pockets where the broadband is not as strong. This lesser signal can interrupt the speed, the consistency of the connection, and even wipe out service all together. The point is that with mobile broadband you have a connect where you never had one before. If you have to travel to the airport and work on a document you can still be connected to the internet to get the information you need. Another great example is if you are on a web call but have to leave the office, you can sit in your vehicle and still be on the call. The advantages do outweigh the disadvantages when you consider convenience of the mobile broadband.