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Providers Speed Download Limit Contract
Monthly Cost Annual Cost
(1st Year)
More Info
Vodafone Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €40 €480 More Info

Simply Broadband

This is fibre broadband with the benefit of unlimited download allowance.

Pure Telecom Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €44 €528 More Info

Purely Broadband

No frills, just super fast broadband.

EIR Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €45 €540 More Info

Broadband Only

Unlimited, rediculously fast broadband with free sports TV bundled in.

Virgin Media Broadband 360Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €40 €640 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 360

Fibre broadband with a super fast connection and limiless downloads.

Virgin Media Broadband 240Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €30 €520 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 240

Top of the line super fast braodband and unlimited downloads.


Broadband technology has revolutionised access to the internet with fast high speed broadband access available widely across Ireland. The term broadband itself refers home broadband and more recently mobile broadband. Home broadband is provided through either a traditional copper cable wire (known as ADSL broadband) or in some areas fibre optic cables. Mobile broadband can be used with laptops for internet access when you are away from the home.

At Broadband Ireland we test and review the various Irish broadband providers broadband and mobile broadband packages and present their key features using our broadband comparison tables so that you can compare, review and choose the best broadband deals in Ireland. Using our broadband comparison tables you can choose the best broadband package to suit your needs.

We don’t just review home broadband packages. We review all of the Irish broadband options that are available including, home broadband, business broadband, fixed line and wireless broadband and also mobile broadband. Here at Broadband Ireland we regularly publish information intended to assist you the consumer in making an informed choice when it comes to choosing the best broadband deals in Ireland.

Compare Broadband Packages

When comparing broadband packages there are a couple of key things to consider and check. Most people choose their broadband provider as a result of the price and the speed offered by the broadband package. Most providers provide a range of price options for their various packages and the speed of the broadband connection will vary. You can test your broadband speed using our broadband speed test tool. Another key factor to consider is the download limit for the broadband package. Most of the providers offer a range of download limits across their broadband packages.

Mobile Broadband

In the last couple of years mobile broadband has brought flexibility to internet users by enabling them to access the internet whilst on the move. Vodafone were the first to introduce mobile broadband technology and continue to lead the way in developing mobile broadband internet dongles. This relatively new technology enables consumers and business users the freedom of mobility and convenience. Mobile broadband packages are available in the form of both monthly contract and pay as you go options.

Compare Mobile Broadband Packages

As well as comparing fixed line and wireless home and business broadband we also produce reviews and comparison tables for the mobile broadband packages from the leading providers of this technology in Ireland. As with regular broadband one of the key aspects to consider when choosing mobile broadband is the connection speed you will receive. Currently Vodafone and O2 are leading the way in the Irish market. However, you also need to consider the coverage that the provider of the mobile broadband offers. There is not full coverage across some of the rural areas in Ireland.

More than just Broadband Comparison

We don’t just provide our visitors with broadband comparison service we provide you with a range of useful tools and reviews as well as broadband industry news. Our popular broadband speed test tool means you can check the connection speed of your fixed line, wireless or mobile broadband connection. Our broadband availability tool can be used to check the availability of broadband for use in the home or the office and the broadband coverage checker can be used to check that there is mobile broadband coverage in your area.