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Irish Broadband Providers

Providers Speed Download Limit Contract
Monthly Cost Annual Cost
(1st Year)
More Info
Vodafone Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €40 €480 More Info

Simply Broadband

This is fibre broadband with the benefit of unlimited download allowance.

Pure Telecom Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €44 €528 More Info

Purely Broadband

No frills, just super fast broadband.

EIR Broadband 100Mb/s Unlimited 18 months €45 €540 More Info

Broadband Only

Unlimited, rediculously fast broadband with free sports TV bundled in.

Virgin Media Broadband 360Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €40 €640 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 360

Fibre broadband with a super fast connection and limiless downloads.

Virgin Media Broadband 240Mb/s Unlimited 12 months €30 €520 More Info

Fibre Power Broadband 240

Top of the line super fast braodband and unlimited downloads.

Broadband providers

Broadband internet providers are the ISPs that offer access to high speed broadband internet. Most internet connections are now broadband with dial-up becoming a redundant technology. Broadband Expert, as the name suggests, compares only broadband and mobile broadband internet service providers.

There are a number of Broadband internet providers in Ireland. Each of these providers offers internet access at high speeds. The most established provider of broadband in Ireland is probably Eircom but the best deals are definitely offered by the new entrant to the Irish broadband market which is Vodafone. Vodafone established their presence in the broadband market within the mobile broadband sector. They have branched out into providing both mobile and fixed internet broadband via both fixed line and wireless internet routers.

Who are the main broadband providers?

The main broadband providers in Ireland are currently:

  • Vodafone
  • Eircom
  • Digiweb
  • Irish Broadband

Compare broadband providers

You can use our comparison tables to compare broadband providers in Ireland. We highlight the core features of the different providers’ packages and present them in our comparison tables so that you can compare the different broadband packages offered by the main Irish broadband providers in one place and at a glance.


Imagine Broadband Irish Broadband NTL Broadband

UTV Broadband Perlico Broadband Bt Broadband

Eircom Broadband Clearwire Broadband Digiweb Broadband